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Get the most out of
journals, notes & tasks

Elevate the power of the iCalendar-standard to the next level,
use the potential of the combination of journals, notes and tasks out of one app
and use DAVx5 to synchronise your entries with a CalDAV-server of your choice!

iCalendar standard compliant

Using the iCalendar-standard (RFC-5545) ensures compatibility and interoperability with other apps and services independent of a dedicated provider or infrastructure.

Combine journals, notes & tasks

Instead of using separate apps for journals, notes & tasks you can use them out of one hand, combine and link them to each other, e.g. create meeting minutes and link your tasks to them.

Sync with your CalDAV-server through DAVx5

Synchronize your entries with any compatible CalDAV server by using DAVx5. By using DAVx5 you are free to choose your preferred provider for CalDAV, you can even use your local server to store and synchronize your data.
DAVx5 is an independent app and must be acquired separately.

jtx Board lets you combine journals, notes and tasks, all out of one Android app!

Journals, Notes & Tasks

iCalendar not only sounds like an app of a big tech-company, it is also the short name of a standard that defines the format of journals, notes and tasks. The definition itself is published in RFC-5545. Using this standard definition ensures interoperability with any other compatible application or service without being restricted to specific providers or technologies.

Link and combine

Using journals, notes and tasks out of one app allows you to link and combine the elements with each other. Create for example your meeting minutes and create tasks to it or create any kind of entry and add a comment or audio-comment to it. Find your way to use the app your way to be as productive as you can be!

Use jtx Board for meeting minutes, keep track of you tasks to this meeting and link notes to it!
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jtx Board gives you the freedom of choice which server provider you would like to use. The integration with DAVx5 lets you syncrhonize your journals, notes and tasks with any compatible CalDAV server!

Sync with DAVx5

jtxBoard can work basically without any internet connection. Your data is stored locally and no internet connection is necessary.

If you would like to unleash the full potential of jtxBoard, you can use DAVx5 by bitfire web engineering to enable the app to sync with any compatible CalDAV-Server.

By using this technology-combination it is fully in your hand which server you would like to use, may it be a big provider or cloud-server, your own webspace with a compatible CalDAV-server or even your own local server in your network. Your data is in your hand and in your place of choice!

jtx Board is a flexible app that can be used in multiple ways. Use tasks and linked subtasks or journals and link notes. Find your way to keep track of your journals, notes and tasks!
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Use Journals to keep track of anything that you would like to keep for a specific date, may it be meeting minutes, diary entries or any other kind of protocol. Use subtasks to manage your todos and keep them organized and linked to where they originated from.


Use Notes to store memos without a specific date. Stay organised with labels or assign tasks to your notes.


Track your todos with entries and due dates, split tasks into subtasks and keep track of your progress.


You can find our app on all major app stores including Google Play, Huawei AppGallery, Samsung Galaxy Store and Amazon. Currently jtx Board is only available on Google Play.

Our App is basically free. However, everybody needs to live of something, right 😉 That’s why we chose to introduce a Pro version and restrict some features for Pro-users only. In order to enable all features, you have the option to make an in-app purchase to upgrade to jtx Board Pro.

“Finally I can manage my notes throughout different devices without being bound to a proprietary client-server technology.”


“I was always wondering why there was no app to efficiently manage my meeting minutes and todos in one place. Finally with the jtx Board found the perfect tool for my medium sized business!”


“More than a decade after the finalization of RFC-5545 there is finally a beautiful and clear app that supports the VJOURNAL component for journals and notes :-)”


Contribute to our project

If you like this app and you would like to contribute by your own work, ideas or by financial support, please find out more on our Contribution page.