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Sync with DAVx5

Basically the jtxBoard App stores your information locally and can work without internet connection. However, if you would like to sync your entries with other devices, we made the jtxBoard compatible with the sync-app DAVx5. We believe that everyone should be able to choose his/her server without a dependency on any big player on the market. With DAVx5 you can synchronise your entries with any compatible CalDAV-Server.

Set up the jtxBoard with DAVx5

Download DAVx5 from your prefered App-store

For download options please have a look at

First steps

For a step-by-step introduction to DAVx5 please follow

Synchronize Journals, Notes and Tasks with jtx Board

VJOURNALs are entries that can have a start date but do not occupy space in a calendar. jtx Board uses the VJOURNAL component as defined in the iCal Format to store and provide journals and notes for synchronization. Journals are stored with a start date whereas notes have no date assigned.

In order to synchronize VJOURNALs the CalDAV-server that should be used for synchronization must support the VJOURNAL component of the iCal Format. Some servers support VJOURNALs without problems, whereas others cause issues. This might be due to the scarce usage of the VJOURNAL component. Please consider reaching out to your server-provider if you encounter any issues that could be due to an unsufficient support for the VJOURNAL component. Our compatibility list will be updated on a regular basis.

If your CalDAV-server supports VJOURNAL, make sure that you have either an existing collection with VJOURNAL support – or create a new collection for an account with VJOURNAL support enabled:

Once you have a collection with VJOURNAL support, make sure that it is activated for synchronization. Just start the sync and the collection will appear in the jtx Board app. You can doublecheck if everything worked correctly in the jtx Board app by clicking on “Sync with DAVx⁵” in the main menu – the compatible collections will appear. Now you can make new Journals and Notes and store them in your collection in order to synchronize them with the server.

VTODOs are entities that can have a start, due and completed date as well as a progress assigned (amongst others). jtx Board uses the VTODO component as defined in the iCal Format to store and provide tasks for synchronization. as for VJOURNALs your server must support the VTODO component in order to use it for synchronization. The VTODO component is a well-established component in the iCal format and many servers support it. However, the same conditions as for VJOURNALs apply: Make sure that your server supports VTODOs and that you have at least one collection activated for synchronization that supports VTODOs.

If you would like to combine entries for example by using Notes as comments to Tasks or by adding Subtasks to Notes and Journals, make sure that you are working in a collection with VJOURNAL AND VTODO enabled.

Usually when setting up DAVx5 the right settings have already been applied. However, especially if you have multiple DAVx5-compatible tasks apps installed, permissions and settings might not be set properly. In this case please check permissions and your preferred tasks provider in DAVx5: Go to the DAVx5 Menu / Settings. On the Settings page, go to “Security” section and select “App permissions”. Look for “jtx Board permissions” and make sure permissions are granted. Return to the Settings page, and scroll to the bottom where it says “Integration”. Select “Tasks app”, and you will see a screen that lets you select jtx Board as your preferred tasks (and journals) app.

For some more detailed troubleshooting if the synchronization does not work, please also have a look at the following article:

Compatibility list / tested servers

ServiceSupports VJOURNALSupports VTODORemark
Baikal👍👍All compatible 😎
No web support for Journals, Notes or Tasks
GMX👍👍All compatible 😎
No web support for Journals, Notes or Tasks
Ionos⛔👍Only collections with tasks can be created.
No web support for Journals, Notes or Tasks
Fastmail👍👍All compatible 😎
No web support for Journals, Notes or Tasks
iCloud⛔⛔VJOURNAL is blocked by the server 😿 VTODO support discontinued from iOS13
infomaniak⛔👍Only collections with tasks can be created.
No web support for Journals, Notes or Tasks
KolabNow⛔👍allows creating VJOURNAL collections when creating it from DAVx5 (only when also containing VEVENT). Creating collection with only VJOURNAL is throwing an internal server error. When creating Journal or Task entries in jtxBoard server returns a 403 forbidden (“VJOURNAL not supported”). Only the pre-created task list is working with VTODO
Nextcloud👍👍All compatible 😎
No web support for Journals & Notes
ownCloud👍👍All compatible 😎
No web support for Journals & Notes
Posteo⛔👍No support for VJOURNAL
Yahoo Mail⛔👍Yahoo allows creating collections with VJOURNAL, VTODO and VEVENT, but deletes the collection a few seconds after. If a collection is created with VJOURNAL and VTODO only, only the support for VJOURNAL is deleted but the collection remains.
Radicale👍👍All compatible 😎
No web support for Journals, Notes or Tasks👍👍All compatible 😎
No web support for Journals, Notes or Tasks
Compatibility list / tested services