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Speech Recognition for quick journals, notes and tasks

With v1.00.03 we have added speech recognition for quick journals, notes and task 🙂

In order to add a new quick journal, note or task, just click on the pencil symbol with the small flash next to it at the bottom of the overview screens for journals, notes or tasks. In the upcoming dialog just push the microphone and your speech recognition service will start listening! Once you stop talking, also the speech-to-text engine will stop listening and add your speech as a text in the input field!

* Please note that the support for Speech Recognition also depends on your phone. jtx Board does not record, send or process your voice input anywhere, but it is using your speech-to-text provider as defined in your settings. This might be Google Voice Typing or any other provider. jtx Board does not control your speech input, but be aware that your speech might be sent to a server where it is transformed into a text – depending on your provider for Speech Recognition. See the example below where “Google Voice Typing” is set as “On-screen keyboard” and hence set as Speech Recognition service.